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seca + inHealth: Setting a New Standard of Care

In this podcast, Dr. Nina Crowley interviews Dr. Michelle Alencar from InHealth Lifestyle Therapeutics, discussing their partnership with seca and the focus on comprehensive obesity care. Dr. Alencar emphasizes the crucial role of behavior change in healthcare, highlighting how health coaching, utilizing motivational interviewing and co-active coaching methods, empowers individuals for lasting changes.

They also talk through the unique collaboration between seca's advanced body composition technology and InHealth's health coaching services, offering a holistic approach to obesity management. 

Advocate for Optimal Obesity Care with James Zervios

In this conversation, Dr. Nina Crowley, discusses Obesity Care Week (March 4-8, 2024) with James Zervios, VP and Chief of Staff for the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC). 

They discuss the importance of addressing weight bias in healthcare, the complexity of insurance processes, and the role of comprehensive care teams. James also highlights OAC's regional events and the significance of community engagement. 

Achieving Excellence in Surgical and Medical Standards of Obesity Care

Dr. Nina Crowley interviews Carah Horn, the metabolic and bariatric surgery coordinator at Bayfront Health in St. Petersburg, Florida. They stress the importance of personalized treatment plans, continuity of care, and including behavioral support and exercise for long-term success.

Carah highlights the data collected on patients, focusing on outcomes like weight change, comorbidity resolution, and body fat percentage. Carah’s team is excited to incorporate body composition analysis in their program. She emphasizes the importance of a collaborative approach between medical and surgical arms to address obesity comprehensively.

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